C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S to the members of our 2022 Manly Warringah Sapphires Opens and 23’s Teams and the Coaching Staff and Training Partners.  We can’t wait to see these Teams tear up the court in the 2022 Origin Energy Premier League and finish off what was such a promising start to 2021 having retained so many players from the squad.

Bring on Season ’22


Kelly Singleton
Amber Brophy
Claire Kowald
Audrey Little
Latika Tombs
Sami Bondietti
Teigan O’Shannassy
Jemma Donoghue
Charli Fidler
Habi Bah

Head Coach – Mel Clarke
Asst Coach – Susan Gill
Manager – Lisa Eady
Mentor Coach – Jill McIntosh


Millie Tonkin
Grace Whyte
Allanah Gilbertson
Ashlen Morelli
Hannah Cullen
Milla Papallo
Bella Lieberman
Eugenie Little
Olivia Inkster
Caitlin Brady
Freddie Schneideman
Emily Wise
Eloise Egan

Head Coach – Gin Welsh
Asst Coach – Sarah Bowen
Manager – Miriam French
Mentor Coach – Jill McIntosh


Opens – Milla Papallo, Caitlin Brady

23’s – Sophie Dixon, Tess Gooding, Abbey Lowe, Molly Murray, Sofia Ratcliffe, Katie Williams